San Diego, Carlsbad & Oceanside California

After spending some time in Calgary I flew to San Diego and visited Point Loma, Laguna, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Venice and LA as well. We had sunshine almost every day, and coming from Boston where we had been hit with mountains of snow, I could not get over the idea of wearing a t-shirt in February. In San Diego, we walked along the harbor and into the city to Petco Park where we ate chorizo fritters and drank some great California beer at Rareform, a new pub just outside the ballpark. From San Diego we drove out to Point Loma around sunset, where I caught some golden light casting shadows in a cemetery honoring members of the U.S. Navy. There was a group standing in a row in the cemetery waiting for the moment when the sun met the ocean. I liked the way they looked silhouetted with the gravestones against the sky and ocean, so I snapped a picture of them. In Oceanside we saw sea lions basking in the sun on a dock in the marina, and they were totally unfazed by my camera being in their faces. We caught another gorgeous sunset from the Oceanside pier where two Brown Pelicans were just hanging out. A 10-mile walk along the beach and into Carlsbad Village left me with a nice sun burn, but it was worth it.

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