Willow Lake Farm, Windom, Minnesota

Willow Lake Farm, Windom, Minn., Oct. 8, 2012: Owned and operated by Tony Thompson, Willow Lake Farm is a 3000-acre sustainable corn and soybean farm on the border of Fish Lake, the deepest lake in southern Minnesota. The farmland is home to many unique plants and animals living in prairie, wetland, and forest areas. Thompson has been living on the farm his whole life and seeks to maintain and preserve its natural surroundings by merging agriculture with nature.

Tony was nice enough to welcome my friends and I to his 1800’s farmhouse for a couple of nights during our cross-country road trip. After talking with him for just a few minutes, it was clear that he’s really passionate about what he does and has put his entire life into learning about and teaching others how to give back to the land. He holds an Agro-Ecology Summit there every year. I later learned that he spent 16 winters earning a degree in agronomy from the University of Montana at Bozeman so that he wouldn’t have to leave the farm during harvesting months. He was an interesting guy, to say the least.

7 thoughts on “Willow Lake Farm, Windom, Minnesota

  1. Amanda Swinhart,
    I saw your series of photographs of the Thompson farm in Windham, MN. I was looking for an address or email address for Tony Thompson, after reading an article about him in the NYT. I also grew up on a farm in Minnesota, and my parents and Tony’s parents Jim and Inga Thompson, were friends. The last time I saw Tony was when he was maybe 4, and I was in second grade. If you can send me an address, I’ll give him a shout.
    Your pictures of the house were very nice. When I was a kid I thought that great room with the fireplace was the best room in the world.
    Still do.
    Stephen Olson
    Belfast, Maine

  2. Brought back so many memories for me!! I was the boys Nanny for approx 2 years Eric was 8 Mark under 2 Hoddy and Tony in between. Inga and Jim were wonderful to me!!! I grew up on a farm in Sherburn, MN I loved my little apt 2 rooms bedroom complete with a fireplace!!! Kids were too young and I’m pretty sure would not remember me ! Anyway I would love to visit but I am now a sole living survivor and my trips back to the Midwest are no longer needed. Lol anyhow again what a wonderful memory I live in CA Bay Area

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